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Why Do You Need A Website

Why Do You Need A Website?

A Short and Smart Answer may be: If you don't have your own Website, your competitors will have one, to win the race !!

Why Do You Need Website - Author

Having a website of your own is no more a luxury. It is the necessity of the day for you, for your business, for your studies, for your children, for your community and locality. Yes, even if you are an individual having no business, you could do a lot of things with your own website! There are several reasons as to why you must have a Website. Having a website of your own would open a gate with tremendous opportunities for you in all walks of your life!! Let me explain in details:

Are you a student? If yes, why do you need to have a website of your own?

  1. You can form a team of students, for group learning about the website technology. Take initiative, others will follow you.
  2. You can use your website pages explaining problems of mathematics, scientific information, general news, sports news, your college or schools news, news of your locality, town or city. This will surely enhance your knowledge and also the knowledge of your colleagues, residents of your locality and citizens of your town or city. You would become popular in your area with much respect.
  3. You can show your CVs or Resumes for Employers to pre-select you. This would give an edge over other candidates of your caliber. Even if you are employed, very easily and vigorously you can continue improving your services online.
  4. The knowledge of website technology you would gain over a period would match thousands of dollars otherwise you would spend to gain individually at a later stage.
  5. You will know what is web server, how websites work, how to design a webpage, how to upload, how to set up emails, emails in your own name.
  6. During your studentship, you will learn about the presence of programming applications and their use in internet businesses
  7. You can sell online products of your town or city. You can sell old and new things online. You can home-delivery thousands of things in your own locality after getting orders online, and earn considerably.

All these activities would be done by you, by your colleagues, and those who are interested and joined hands with you, without having any programming knowledge, skill, know how or experience.

Are you an individual employed somewhere? Why do you need to have a website of your own?

  1. To enhance your knowledge and create awareness amongst residents of your locality, town or city.
  2. Through your website, you could do a lot of social work, which would ultimately result in your popularity and pave the way for some decent earnings through your website.
  3. You could put up some local news, train and transport timings, display connected rail, and road routs to several other towns and cities from your area.
  4. You can put up forecasts of weather, prices of precious metals, fruits and vegetables.
  5. You can display important and emergency telephone numbers of your area, contact details of Utility services.
  6. You can sell products of your area online. People from outsides could have access to markets of your area.
  7. You will be one step ahead of your office-mates. Share your skills with them to become an internet savvy.
  8. You will know the techniques of Search Engine Optimization which would pave the way for an additional business

There is no limit to your imagination. You would become a creative person with lot of opportunities knocking your door.

Are you a small or big businessman without website? Why do you need website of your own?

  1. Since the entire world has been reduced to a Global Village and the required information is available on the finger tips, your product alone is not sought after. Your competitors are surely doing their business simply a Click away from you.
  2. Your valuable customers expect you also to be On Line at par with their other principal suppliers. Owning a Website is no more a luxury. It is a necessity taking into consideration your professionalism, product and quality conscience.
  3. Having a Web site of your own, you proclaim that you are always open for business.
  4. You can post a comparative statement of your products with others to help your potential customers to take a wise decision.
  5. If you are not online, remember that your customers are. If you miss to meet them at the right forum, you lose your sales to your competitors.
  6. In order to explain the specification of your products, you can use your web pages. Do not keep your customers guessing and longing for any information from you of your product. If you do not provide On-line help coupled with your product documentation, manuals etc. your customers will turn to elsewhere to get clear-cut information of the product they need, at their convenient time.
  7. Help your potential customers to reach you easily. Your customers will be searching online some products or services for the future procurement at the time convenient for them, and for improving their existing services. You will have to guide them with all necessary details before your competitors do. Early bird has its prey!!

If your customers need personal contact, you may have to provide with a detailed map with necessary direction for them to reach you. In order to get help in setting up a website, personal or for business as explained above, you may contact the author of this article to help you out in your venture, at the most cost effective manner. Even if you have a Business of One-Man-Show type, you must have a Website to take care of your business in your busy schedule. Who knows when the opportunities knock your door and you missed them totally unaware!!
Naeem Syed is the Founder And CEO of http://www.AmburNet.Com, http://www.WhichIsWhere.Com and several others. A Social Worker And Responsible Citizen of India, Naeem Syed has several Websites for the benefit of Citizens of this world. He writes on Social Issues and Cultures. Naeem Syed may be contacted at Corp@AmburNet.Com
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Naeem_A_Syed

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